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Point of Purchase

At CGI, we produce single or double-faced POP signs on plastic, styrene, acrylic, or magnetic material. All signs are durable, weather resistant, and can be used for most outdoor applications.
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Identify the interior of your building with durable, high quality signage. Available in a variety of colors and styles, as well as custom designs for your needs.
Exterior logo design - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND


We provide design, installation, service & maintenance of building signs, channel letter signs, neon and LED signs, site signs, yard signs, and monument signs.
Interior logo design - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND


Reinforce your brand image and provide visual interest to your business with custom interior signage.
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Neon and LED

Add interest and excitement to your signs with vivid backlit images and lettering, or glowing neon borders and accents. We construct and repair neon at our manufacturing plant right here in Fargo.
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Use lit or non-lit awnings to define your entrance and welcome your customer. Select colors and styles can fit the architecture of your building.


Sign Substrates/Materials

Polymetal (Dibond, Alupanel)
Polymetal is a durable material with two pre-painted sheets of aluminum with a solid polyethylene/plastic core. Excellent for digital printing, easy to mount, and can be router cut as well. Polymetals provide excellent durability and are great for outdoor applications. Approximately half the weight of aluminum, polymetals are a great alternative to metals.
Polymetal - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Sintra is a PVC foam board comprised of PVC sheet with a low-gloss, matte finish. It is lightweight yet rigid and durable, heat formable as well as chemical, dent and scratch resistant. Great for indoor applications. Comes in various colors and thicknesses.
Sintra - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Foam Core
Paper-faced foam board comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with coated paper faces. Perfect for die cutting and provides a compressed edge that stays closed. Foam core materials are extremely lightweight and a great low-cost alternative for short-term interior applications.
Foam core - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Polycarbonate (LEXAN®) signs are a durable and versatile option in nearly all industrial environments and applications. Popular sign applications include warning and safety messages, ADA signs, and branding/product communications.
Polycarbonate - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Aluma Core
Aluma Core has a corrugated inner core with an aluminum face. This is a lighter, but less durable option compared to Luster Board. It is commonly used for non-permanent exterior signage.
Aluma Core - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Vinyl is a PVC (polymer/flexible plastic) usually 2-4 mil in thickness. It typically comes on rolls in a variety of colors and can be printed on or cut to be used in a multitude of applications. Commercial Vehicles, Indoor / Outdoor Signs, Banners.
Vinyl - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Similar to, but tougher than corrugated cardboard or fiberboard, and lighter than solid extruded plastic, Coroplast is a great alternative to traditional cardboard or plastic. It is waterproof, weather resistant, and stain resistant. Many standard colors and sizes are available. Coroplast is ideal for indoor and outdoor graphic application like political signs, temporary site, or job signs.
Coroplast - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Styrene is a foam board comprised of flexible plastic material ideal for digitally printed and screen printed displays, photo mounting and sign making. Perfect for indoor applications. Available in multiple thicknesses and sizes.
Styrene - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Plexiglas / Acrylics
A clear material most commonly used in place of glass. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Although typically transparent, it also comes in solid colors. Mainly used for illuminated sign faces or decorative interior signs and display projects.
Plexiglas - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Luster Board / Nu-Alum
Pre-painted aluminum adhered to both sides of exterior grade plywood. Edge cap is added for exterior use to prevent water damage and provide a clean finished look. Great for exteriors signs.
Luster board - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND
Metal (Aluminum / Steel)
The rock hard, durable and professional finish of aluminum and steel are versatile sign materials. Available in a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses, metals can be used for both interior and exterior signs. Though commonly used for parking and traffic signage, it can be used for decorative applications as well.
Steel - sign manufacturer in Fargo, ND