Great Places to Work

Great Places to Work

Jan 31, 2024

Custom Graphics is featured in the Great Places To Work FMWF 2024! Click to read the feature or keep reading below if you'd like to learn more about the best parts of working here.

Custom Graphics has 5 Core Values that we strive to show through all that we do with our customers, the community, but most importantly we show them to each other every day through our company culture.


Core Values at Custom Graphics

Committed to our customers, company and employees.

Flexible with customer schedules, personal schedules and work schedules.

Trustworthy in following through with our promises, what we say, and in doing our job.

Excellence in how we perform our work and present our selves to our customers and peers.

Innovative in introducing new ideas and being creative thinkers.

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In addition to the core values, Custom Graphics has a few unique attributes that make it an ideal workplace in the FM Area. Below are a few that we're especially proud of:


Our management team believes that the more educated our employees are, the more efficiently the company will run! Once an employee has mastered a skillset, there is an opportunity to move to another area of the production floor to learn another area of the manufacturing process. Whether it's operating machinery, quality control, or customer service - we want our employees to stay engaged and practice continuous learning!


Casual Attire and Environment

Our employees operate a variety of machinery that has the potential to be dangerous. Everyone on our team must wear close-toed shoes and remove any protruding clothing items before working (such as scarves or excessively baggy clothes). Other than that, we encourage our employees to wear comfortable clothing and express themselves as they wish. In addition, we allow employees to listen to music or podcasts while they work, and encourage occasional air guitar solos while they're jamming out too! 😉


Flexible Schedule

We have a variety of part-time workers who have schooling, family obligations or other employment committments on top of their responsiblities at Custom Graphics. We are happy to accomodate unique schedules as long as there is reasonable communication. We have multiple shifts available starting at 6am and ending at 6pm.


Experience and Longevity

Custom Graphics Inc. has been incorporated for 42 Years. First opening its doors in January of 1982, Custom Graphics has grown to be an employer of 50+ and manufactures and ships products internationally. There has been a continued upward trajectory of growth in the past 8 years of new ownership.


We are always open to hiring eager, talented individuals - especially those with experience in the printing, production and signage industries!