We do Snow Removal, so you Don't Have to!

Ellie Johnson | March 16th, 2023





Many of you may not know each and every service we offer here at Custom Graphics. One that can come particularly handy living in the Midwest is our snow removal service. Even if your sign was designed and installed by another company, we still encourage you to go through us for all of your sign snow removal needs!

Reasons why you need to remove snow from your signage:

1.) Maximize Marketing Efforts- Businesses should prioritize keeping their signs free of snow in order to maximize marketing efforts. (It is not effective advertising if you can't see it!)

2.) Safety- Besides the obvious marketing benefits of being able to see your business sign, making sure it is free of snow and debris is important for your employees and customers safety.

3.) Professionalism- By keeping up to date on snow removal, you are showing that your business presents itself in a professional manner and takes care of your property. In turn, you are more likely to attract and retain customers. A sign covered in snow, can give off the impression that the business is unprofessional or even neglected.